Over the years Tony has taken pictures of my family and myself. He has a wonderful eye. His pictures truly capture the essence and spirit of his subjects. I love looking at the pictures he has taken for me because they conjur memories of when my girls were younger. I wish they could be little forever. Tony's pictures give me a sense of permanency, if only in these photos, my girls are this little for all time! Thank you Tony.

Cristina Bazan

Tony's work is artistic, alluring, and captivating. This is why I have gone back to work with him time and time again.

Meera Varma

We loved Our Wedding Pictures!!! They were so in the moment pictures. I love looking at them. Thank you for taking pictures of my family for the lst 13 years of my life. Having you as our photographer for our family photos, senior photos, and then my wedding photos really helped me feel natural and not fake at my wedding during pictures. It couldn't have been done better.

With Love and Thanks,
Lori & Joel Johnson

I have seen Tony's work and know he does an excellent job in capturing the essence of whatever he is taking photographs of. He is very personable and will go the extra mile to please his customer. Would recommend him highly.

Bee Kilgore

Tony has been photographing our family on an annual basis since the 90's. He has an uncanny ability to put our kids at ease and make them laugh with glee. We treasure all the photos he has taken for us over the years. A number of them are framed around our house. Each time we send them out in our holiday card, we receive lots of positive comments. Thanks for documenting our family so successfully through the years. You're the best!

The Haaks

Knowing Tony for the past 11 years, I've known what his life was about. He's always talking about this project here, that project there and the different events he's photographed. I have seen his work and watched him with his subjects. He is always so comfortable and makes a person feel at ease. What surprised me the most, when I had known him for approximately 5 years already, is his way with children. It is magic. I had come over to the studio to visit for lunch and he had a family that he was photographing. I was allowed to stand and watch. There was an infant and a small child. They instantly fell in love with him and his camera. All the family had to do was hold the child and Tony was able to make her laugh and smile. Meanwhile, he was able to get the toddler to stay still just long enough to get the perfect picture! I don't know about you but, getting a child to hold still longer than a blink is a miracle.

Needless to say, there are many family photographers out there to choose from, what makes Tony stand out the most would be the stress-free, enjoyable experience that Tony can give. Not to mention the quality, timeless artifact that he skillfully crafts for you and your family. Secondly, is his versatility in subject matter and location.� He doesn't
mind driving to any location whether it be for a hot new club's opening night, a DJ's guest appearance, a model's headshots, family photos on the beach or special photos that only your husband or wife will get to see! His professionalism will set you at ease right away. He's the only one I would go to for my family's portraits.

Heather M. Sorenby

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